Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit and its application in games

Intel's oneAPI Rendering Toolkit presents a set of libraries for CPU, and soon to be GPU, optimizations of common ray tracing tasks from base ray tracing kernels, to denoisers, to volume rendering and full turn-key renderers. Several use cases and optimization strategies are presented in real-world applications including interactive path tracing in digital content creation tools, interactive rendering of movie production assets at large scales, interactive denoising of path traced lightmaps, and run-time uses of Embree in gaming engines.

The Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit a set of libraries designed for high fidelity visualization and photo-realistic rendering. Different components of that library found usage in games today. This talk gives an overview of the Render Kit and its current usages in games.

Methodology / Approach

Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit

Technologies Used

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit