Europe pushes hard on electronics repairability, and more

Good morning! Flights from Europe to the US went from empty to dramatically overbooked, as people tried to rush home, the NBA is suspended, and I’m meant to fly to meet friends in the UK next weekend, but that’s going from mildly unlikely to banned pretty quickly.

The European Union’s European Commission (EC) has adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan as part of its ‘European Green Deal’. 
This is going to have a significant impact on many industries if implemented by the book, including on the tech industry and electronics:
  • Among a raft of strategies, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans, noted: “..many products break down too easily, cannot be reused, repaired or recycled, or are made for single use only.”
  • “Value is lost when fully or partially functional products are discarded because they are not repairable, the battery cannot be replaced, the software is no longer supported, or materials incorporated in devices are not recovered,” reads an excerpt of the EU document.
  • The solution looks to be push companies to make batteries easier to replace, and have smartphones, tablets, and computers designed for “energy efficiency and durability, repairability, upgradability, maintenance, reuse and recycling.”
  •  Furthermore, the EU is pushing for ‘right to repair’ regulations, and aiming to ban software obsolescence.
Yes but when?
  • The EC is being careful to talk about pushes, urges, and actions, without including wording like rules, laws, or restrictions. Yet.
  • “The Commission is aiming to adopt new regulatory measures” is the main wording for electronics.
  • In essence, it’s too soon to say, for example, that Apple would be banned for selling an iPhone XS as we know it now, by 2021.
  • The plan does say: “The aim is to embed a “right to repair” in the EU consumer and product policies by 2021.”
  • What’s more likely, based on other EU actions, is a timeline to follow for better reporting, clearer labeling, and eventual restrictions within years, not months.
  • The plan also applies to textiles, plastics, construction and building, packaging, food, cars, and more.
  • Fairphone released a somewhat triumphant presser, stating “EU proposes to turn Fairphone's philosophy into legislation,” welcoming the plan and its approach.
Stay tuned for what’s next and what actually happens from the plan.

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